Humans Who Lead (HwL)

Humans Who Lead is an organisation development (OD) consultancy founded in 2017 in response to the growing complexity and chaos in modern organisations today. Global trends such as technology automation, the increasing availability of information, and higher customer expectations have created a world where change agility is what is needed to continuously evolve and adapt to stay relevant in the world of work.

While change can be difficult, we also know that humans are wired to adapt. Harnessing our very ability to be human is at the heart of all organisational change. Humans Who Lead has designed a human-centric approach to change called Transformational Change Loops™.  Using this approach as a guide, we develop bespoke programs in close partnership with executive-level leaders to drive transformational change, leadership development, and organisational culture.

We also build internal organisation development capability and coach individuals and teams so that all our interventions support development at the individual, relational, and systemic levels.


What We Do

We offer three ways to engage with us:


Access virtual or in person coaching support to help you or your team better thrive through change.


Build OD capability by joining public events and workshops that share the latest thinking in OD and leadership development.


We consult, design, and deliver bespoke programs and interventions to support your team, community, or organisation’s needs.

Recent Articles

Here are some of our most recent blog posts to help you stay current with the latest leadership trends.

The future of work relies on our ability to be more human. Join the movement and help us create more sustainable change in the world.

    HwL is a Leadership Development platform and community dedicated to expanding the idea of leadership and helping people grow into the type of leaders they authentically aspire to be, based on the philosophy of Humanistic Leadership.


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