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Deep Ecology Workshop with John Seed

To deep ecology, underlying all the symptoms of the environmental crisis lies a psychological or spiritual root – the illusion of separation from the rest of the natural world which stems from anthropocentrism or human-centeredness.

In this workshop we remember our rootedness in nature, recapitulate our evolutionary journey and experience the fact that every cell in our body is descended in an unbroken chain 4 billion years old, through fish that learned to walk the land, reptiles whose scales turned to fur and became mammals, evolving through to the present.

This workshop enables us to find an end to the illusion of separation and experience our rootedness in the living Earth.

18 - 20th August 2023 AEST

International Organisation Development Association (IODA) Global Conference

The function of OD is changing. As we and the world emerge from the turbulence of recent years, our intention at the conference is to identify key emerging themes and to consider their implications in the present and near future for the organisation development practitioners and our many stakeholders.

IODA last visited Australia in 2011 and the world is now a very different place. This difference, and the emerging future through the lens of OD, will be the key focus of the conference. It will be an opportunity for a diverse range of OD people to meet up from around the world to collaborate, share approaches and re-imagine the role that OD could play in the world.

7 - 9 September 2023 AEST

Humans whole lead Transform Yourself

Transform Yourself...Together (A Gestalt Informed Workshop for OD and Change Practitioners)

Many of us OD practitioners are being asked to be agents of transformation in our organisations and communities. These social environments are dynamic. Our practices are dynamic. So must be our presence. As instruments-of-change, we may find that we need to journey through our own transformational quests in order to lead others through theirs. After all, we can only lead others to where we ourselves have gone.

In this workshop, we will experience concepts from the fields of Gestalt, human development, systems thinking, and complexity. We will co-create a space to explore within ourselves what transformation is waiting for us; we will share a pathway and our process map that can guide you to better serve the systems where we may be stewards of change – a next step in the journey should you choose to continue. Bring your whole self and the possibilities you imagine – an idea, challenge, or crossroads you are facing in some area of your life.

Exact dates to be announced in late 2023 for 2024


In person workshops typically suited for between 8-50 people to learn about a key leadership topic, with a focus on experiential learning, discussions, and hands on exercises.


Virtual webinars suited for any number of participants globally, with industry experts leading discussions on key leadership topics and some ability to interact/engage via virtual tools.

Open Spaces

Used as a powerful OD tool, open spaces are created to unleash self-organising groups to explore topics they create and care about. Each open space will explore a theme, come ready to be curious, contribute, and listen.


Lectures are typically in person, presented for no more than an hour for participants to join and listen. Emphasis is on the presenter sharing knowledge rather than cultivating ability.


Half, full, or multi-day conferences bring people together to learn and share in various ways, including workshops, guest speakers, and lectures.

Small Group Learning

Groups of 8-12 come together in roundtable discussions or small workshops to discuss a topic and/or work on a problem together.

Event recording

Humans Who Lead | A Conversation with Nicholas Janni on ‘Leader as Healer’

In November 2021, Humans Who Lead hosted a conversation with Nicholas Janni on the type of leader organisations need, to address the complex challenges we face. Nicholas talks about his body of work, Leader as Healer, as a response to the need for a new leadership paradigm and answers questions from the participants honestly and authentically, as a master of his craft.

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